November 16, 2006

Google Hosts al Qaeda Website

caliphate_voice_channel.jpgThe Google owned Blogger network is hosting an al Qaeda linked website. The website, The Caliphate Voice Channel, appears to be part of the growing media arm of the al Qaeda umbrella organization which once called itself The Mujahidin Shura Council.

That group recently changed its name by declaring itself The Islamic State of Iraq.

You can see the al Qaeda linked website here.

If you do visit the website, you will see several of the posts link to various translations of the Global Islamic Media Front's latest installment of the Voice of the Caliphate news program. In it, al Qaeda forces declare that they are winning the war in Iraq. You can see this bit of terrorist propaganda with English subtitles here.

Does Google know that it is hosting a terrorist website? A website from the same group that beheaded Shosei Kodai and Nick Berg? Probably not as of this writing. But I just e-mailed them about it.

Keep your fingers crossed that they will do the right thing, but don't hold your breath.

UPDATE: Howie reminds me that the Baghdad Sniper Juba website is still online. Oh, and it's also still hosted by the Google owned Blogger network. But so is the Juba Sucks website.

UPDATE 11/17/06: Blogger just e-mailed me. It was your typical "we are not responsible for the content" yada yada yada. Read: Yeah, we're helping al Qaeda, go jump in a lake you fascist censorship Nazi!

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