November 13, 2006

Phone Sex & Porn in Afghanistan

How we know we won in Afghanistan? Phone sex and porn now available.

How we know we might lose in Afghanistan? Serious consideration given to reestablish the Taliban's Ministry of Virtue and Vice to stop said porn.

And, to be honest, it's not so much that I'm for porn....I'm much as I am for the idea that it's not the state's business outlawing pictures of naked people. Unless they're ugly.

The irony is that the same satellite company that brings porn and phone sex to Afghanistan also brings Christian religious programming. Under Afghani law both are illegal, but only one of those two things will bring you the death penalty. Can you guess which one?


On the television screen, the two naked young women writhe together to the sounds of "Hotel California" as the occasional crackle of gunfire punctuates the Afghan night.

Several overseas phone numbers offer an intimate chat with the ladies, or some of their equally outgoing friends.

The heaviest fighting in five years has slowed reconstruction to a crawl in the deserts and oases of Kandahar, where the strict Islamist Taliban movement began in 1994, but pornography, opium and illegal alcohol are flourishing, officials say.

At least one satellite operator offers foreign channels such as eurotictv, allsex, 247Sex and transex, along with the God Channel and the Church, Miracle and Hope channels....

Porn arrived in Kandahar as soon as the Taliban left, but was generally confined to backrooms of teahouses.

Now, it's increasingly there for anyone with the right satellite subscription or a couple of dollars for a VCD. So far, only limited attempts have been made to block some providers.

Explicit VCDs smuggled mainly from Pakistan but also from India are on sale on the streets for a few dollars each, but vendors are secretive and wary.

Sellers at the crowded VCD and CD market, where tunes from blaring Bollywood hits clash with traditional Persian and Pakistani instrumentals, don't like to discuss the trade.

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