November 09, 2006

RedState : We Fight On

I was going to write something along these lines, but the folks at RedState summed it up just fine:

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh said he felt liberated because he was "no longer going to have to carry the water for people who [he doesn't] think deserve having their water carried." A lot of people got bent out of shape by his candor, but we agree with him 100%, and deep down we think most of you do too. For the past several months, RedState has been critical of the GOP with a gentle prodding and we have been muted when we wanted to avoid shooting the party's electoral chances in the foot. We've been fighting the good fight knowing that the Democrat alternative was worse, even with the miserable state of the Republican party. Yes, it is liberating now. We don't have to worry that something we'll say will negatively impact turnout of the base in the midterms. That's just life. As We've said on the front page before, "Suck it up." We're conservatives first, but in the general election, we're on the Republican team.

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