November 01, 2006

AP Urges More MSM Propaganda Over Detained Reporter

Suspected terrorist and AP reporter Bilal Hussein in the news again. This time the AP is trying to get more coverage from the MSM over Hussein.

The AP actually wants other MSM outlets to use the detained without charge angle in the case. How about the is known associate of al Qaeda terrorists angle? That's how I would cover it. But, you know, that's just me and my quaint pro-Americanism talking.

From the ever biased Editor and Publisher (no link since every time E & P has mentioned the Jawa they did so without linking):

Associated Press Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll today called on other news organizations, especially those that use AP services, to increase their attention on imprisoned AP photographer Bilal Hussein, who has been held by U.S. military officials in Iraq for more than six months without being charged.

Saying Hussein "works on behalf of every news organization that receives news from the Associated Press," Carroll called on columnists and editorial writers at newspapers and other news outlets to focus on his plight and support efforts to release him.

"I wouldn't presume to tell them what to write, but I would presume to draw their attention to it," Carroll told E&P Wednesday. "Here is someone who has brought you pictures, images from a critical part of Iraq, who has now been in U.S. military custody for six and a half months, not charged with a crime, not charged with anything, but told he will be held indefinitely because his pictures are unwelcome."

Not only is Kathleen Carroll a liar, she's a bad one. Bilal Hussein was caught in an apartment with known members of al Qaeda-- with bomb making material. He also has enough clout with al Qaeda that they think it's no problem that he photographs their various activities.

I wouldn't wish that Carroll met up with some of Bilal Hussein's associates. The kind of people who behead American journalists for the fun of it.

See also Michelle Malkin's Bilal Hussein coverage here.

Hat tip: the very busy guys from Big Carnival who didn't have time to blog it.

UPDATE: The Bilal Hussein photojournalism kit. Bwahahahaha!

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