October 31, 2006

Letters To Kerry

First, a message from the President.

Second, this was sent to me via email by a Sergeant who wishes to remain anonymous.

Good on him.

Today the news has displayed some troubling quotes by you regarding the intelligence of people serving in the armed forces. You further went on to say that you refused to be lectured by stuffed shirt White House mouthpieces or Republicans that had not even served in combat. This is an open challenge to you, sir. I am prepared to debate you on your recent remarks not only as a republican that has served in the armed forces and in combat in Iraq, but as an educated person who volunteered to serve this country in the armed forces knowing that combat was a distinct possibility. The forum can be of your choosing, the topic is of course your stance on the military and how uneducated people are "victims" of nefarious recruiters, the only question left to answer by you, sir, is will you accept this challenge. No doubt you have nothing to fear from a lowly Sergeant without a formal college education who hasn't been molded into a professional politician or participated in any debates with the likes of you. No doubt you will decline this challenge as it will be deemed 'beneath you' to be called on the carpet by a simple commoner such as I. Likely, you will never even see this email as your dutifull staffers will cull this from the thousands of hate mails already pouring into your office and simply shred them. I have dealt with scum before but you sir, disgust me. I await the form letter from your puppet staff and wait with baited breath that you accept my challenge.
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