October 31, 2006

British Muslim Cleric Appeals Conviction

AbuHamzaal-Masri.jpgTerrorist orgnizer and Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri is appealing his conviction in the British courts. The one-eyed, hook-handed cleric was found guilty in February on 11 of 15 charges against him, including counts of soliciting murder, stirring racial hatred, possessing a terrorist document and possessing threatening or abusive recordings.

Some of his followers were heard shouting "God Bless You Sheik Hamza" as the cleric was taken away to begin serving his seven year sentence.

Now, the 'Sheikh', says he did not get a fair trial, that 9/11 had prejudiced the case against him, that an orchestrated media 'hate' campaign had tainted the case, and that he really isn't guilty.

Not guilty? Right. This is the man who was stung by a friend of ours, Glen Jenvey. Glen posed to Abu Hamza as a radical Muslim interested in recruiting for the jihad in Afghanistan. You know, a country in which the U.K. was actively fighting. I think that's called treason in most circles.

Hamza passed a number of materials to Glen in support of the jihad. Glen told Hamza the materials--such as videos of his speeches at the Finsbury Park mosque--would be used to recruit jihadis.

One of those videos sent to Glen by Hamza showed James Ujaama, who was later convicted of trying to organize a terror training camp in Oregon, sitting next to the Shiekh at the Finsburry mosque. Glen also tells me that Ujaama was found through the FBI following an IP track left at a false website set up by Glen in support of radical Islam.

So, not freakin guilty? Not a fair trial? Media hate campaign? Right Shiekh. It's the British media that is up to a 'hate campaign'. Abu Hamza openly preached to his followers that if British law failed to criminally prosecute homosexuals--as is required by Islamic law--then it was up to private Muslim citizens to punish gays.

In fact, the British authorities banned the public from knowing what Hamza actually said to his Finsburry Mosque followers. Another friend of ours, Neil Doyle, had his book banned in the U.K. during the Hamza trial because it contained quotes which might 'prejudice' the jury against the cleric.

Those quotes show Hamza praising Adolf Hitler for doing Allah's work in exterminating the Jews. Yeah, no hate there.

BBC News:

Radical preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri was found guilty because a fair trial was "impossible", a court has heard.

His lawyers told the Appeal Court his trial was prejudiced by "unique" global events and a media hate-campaign....

Edward Fitzgerald QC, representing 48-year-old Abu Hamza, told the Court of Appeal it had been "unfair and oppressive" to launch a prosecution in 2004 over speeches made between 1997 and 2000.

Police had taken no action at the time, even though officers had taken away the recordings for analysis.

The prosecution came amid a "relentless campaign of adverse media publicity condemning him as a preacher of hate and inciter of violence", said Mr Fitzgerald, some of it driven by the public battle led by the Home Secretary to strip Abu Hamza of his citizenship.

This campaign, argued Mr Fitzgerald, combined with the unique events of the 9/11 attacks and subsequent 7 July 2005 London bombings had prejudiced the trial.

"Inadmissible evidence relating to his alleged involvement in actual crimes of terrorism was relentlessly highlighted and referred to in public," said Mr Fitzgerald.

"Because of the delay in prosecuting the appellant, the atmosphere had been poisoned against him in a way that would not have happened had he been subjected to a timely prosecution."

Oh, and Hamza continues to fight extradition to the U.S. on terror related charges.

Hat tip: David

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