October 31, 2006

CBS Tries to Make Republicans Look like Islamaphobes

CBS is looking for a few good Republicans to make them look bad. From Craig's List in New York:

Do you get nervous when you see a Muslim on an airplane? Have your opinions about Muslims changed since September 11? Do you have family or friends that get nervous around Muslims?

A NEW CBS SHOW SEEKS New York families who have traditional family values but are uneasy around Muslims.

Emphasis mine.

Nervous around Muslims on a plane? I mean, why would any sane person have anything to fear from Muslims......on a plane?

Not looking for those with untraditional family values. See, they are not looking for homosexuals who might get nervous around Muslims, even though committed Muslims might be in favor of the death penalty--as proscribed in the Quran--for gays. Heather's two mommies need not apply. They are looking for families that have traditional family values.

The fact that they have to advertise to find people with traditional family values also suggests that the CBS producers don't know many people who fit the bill. You know, Republicans. And not the Bloomberg kind.

Via I'm-gonna-kick-him-square-in-the-nuts Instapundit who got it from Gawker. Hat tip Larwyn

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