October 30, 2006

Jawa Blogroll Updates: Blogroll Me or I will Kick You in the Nuts!

Yes, I've been remiss. I haven't had much time lately to read my own blogroll let alone update it.

So, I've gone through and deleted inactive blogs. Any blog that hasn't posted in a month is gone. Sorry, I just figured you got out of the game. Some old friends will be missed. Especially ones with names like Witty Sex Kitten. Actually, Witty is now doing something even more important than blogging. Same with Legal XXX, which was never really about, well, you know.... prOn. At least we've still got Feisty Republican Whore around to amuse us.

I've also added a few new links. I'm sure I've missed some that I've promised, and many more that are deserving. Including a few Jawa contributors ....er ... sorry.

BTW--Any takers on when ye old Pundit will finally give the Jawa a nod and blogroll him? Because if he doesn't I might just have to kick Glenn in the nuts.

Same goes for any of the other big right-of-center bloggers. I mean it.

Anyway, now would be a good time to e-mail Rusty if you want a link and, you know, give him a reminder. No gaurantees.

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