October 30, 2006

Cubans Eager for Liberty as Castro Slowly Dies

Our friend Stefania reports that Cubans are eagerly awaiting the day Castro dies. Not surprisingly, the mainstream press ignores it.

Me? I've got $100 on Fidel dying before the end of 2007.


The "Yo No Coopero, Yo Si Quiero el Cambio" campaign is being endorsed by the overwhelming majority of the opposition organizations, both in Cuba and in the exile. It is an unprecedented initiative that, right now that Castro is dying in his hospital bed, may well be the right steps toward the liberation of Cuba.

No one should be surprised by the mainstream media blackout on these events. What surprises the most is the silence of the democratic world, with the United States and Europe on the forefront. For once, they should stop focusing on who is in power in Cuba in place of the ailing Fidel. Rather, they should start engaging the civic resistance movements inside Cuba that despite the increasing repression, has made it clear that "for Cuba, now it's time".

Read the whole thing here.

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