October 25, 2006

CNNJazeera's Aid and Comfort The Sniper Video's

Pretty good article

The Prowler: According to CNN, the video was provided after a producer for CNN sent the group an email asking about its activities.

"I think the American public would be interested in exactly what the email contained, at least from the CNN side of things," says a producer for a rival news network, who was made aware of the video's existence before it aired. "My understanding is that email sent by CNN could not be construed any other way than as supportive of the Islamic militants' position in Iraq. There are people inside CNN who are disgusted by their colleagues' activities in Iraq and here in the United States in covering the war."...

...(CNN source)I know that we are saying there was soul-searching here about running the tape. But I didn't see much of that. There were somber people here, but there was also a segment of people on staff, once the tape had run and created a firestorm, that celebrated. They thought they were so courageous."

A former CNN news employee says that at that network there is a decidedly anti-war approach to what they do. "It might not be so clear from some of our anchors, but there are people here who direct the news operation who are very comfortable giving aide and comfort to the enemy. They wouldn't call it that, but I would."

However I disagree very much with this statement
This video, shot by the insurgent groups as propaganda for the Muslim world as well as a recruiting tool for a number of Islamo-fascist websites, showed terrorist snipers attacking American soldiers in Iraq.
No, this video was the #1 top production for Jihadi Sweeps Week. The English subtitles were intended for the American audience. To show our men dying and affect the public's vote.

I am struck by the other video the IAI released. It shows up to ten Iraqi men. I need to get frame grabs of these men. These are Muslim Iraqi men who died for their nation. They must not be forgotten. They are the true martyrs.

That was the video intended for the Iraqi audience.

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