October 24, 2006

Email a Terrorist

For Jihadi sweeps week Howie would like to participate by publishing the email addy that was left inside on of the Jihadi Videos.

Let him know how much you appreciate their production work. As always if you get a reply email Rusty immediately.

bonus email: ansar_alsunnah_army@yahoo.com

Actually I may post a couple of the videos later. Since I'm just sure the Jihadis want them released right now and as widely as possible I've been holding off. Just to be difficult. Note in this Video from Ansar al-Sunnah up to 10 people are murdered. Well the actual murder of only three Iraqi army soldiers is shown. But there are many more hostages shown and of course their fate is predictable.

Remeber the more people they murder the more people that will have a score to settle with the Jihadis.

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