October 23, 2006

Political/News Video Clips - Reliable Source?

Checking out that clip of Nancy Pelosi on 60 Minutes had me thinking, "that may come in handy someday..."

From time to time, I go looking for a particular video clip I've seen here or there. Ronald Reagan's "Tear down that wall," MLK's "I have a dream" and B.J. Clinton's "I did not have sexual relations" are a few classic examples.

Now, if the Dems manage take the House and Pelosi goes back on her "no impeachment" pledge, I'd want to have ready access to her "60 Minutes" quote.

As of today, most of the classic clips are available on YouTube and other video sites, but these sites are far from a reliable storage medium. You may have read that YouTube just recently pulled 30,000 video clips at one time for copyright violations. A YouTube video I find today could be inaccessible tomorrow.

So here's the question: does anyone know of a reliable, publicly accessible source for these types of political video clips?

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