October 23, 2006

'Human Shield' Jailed For Putting Teenager in Coma

Alleged "peace activist" and "pacifist" Christiaan Briggs has been sentenced to eight months for cold-cocking a teenager, resulting in traumatic brain injury when the teen's head struck the pavement, in a dispute over Briggs' ogling of the teen's girlfriend.


From Life Style Extra (UK):

A smirking peace activist who left a rising rock star fighting for his life after a row over his girlfriend was jailed for eight months today.

Christiaan Briggs, 30, attacked 19-year-old singer Billy Leeson and left him in a coma, after Mr Leeson asked him to stop staring at his girlfriend on a late night number 29 bus.

After punching the teenager Briggs, who went to Iraq as a peace activist in 2003, walked away "smirking".

Mr Leeson fell into a coma when he hit his head in the pavement and the judge at Snaresbrook Crown Court said: "It was obviously a miracle that he lived."

Briggs' lawyer argued for leniency (apparently successfully, given the wrist-slap sentence) saying that Briggs was a "committed pacifist" who was "absolutely horrified by his behaviour."

I guess you can tell by the smirk.

Briggs' swinish behavior perfectly illustrates the utter arrogance of the mindset that leads people to become human shields for barbaric regimes. It's not as unusual as it sounds for peace types to show vicious tendencies. A year ago, Quakers planned and held a series of death parties to celebrate the 2000th US servicemember killed, claiming they were commemorations.

Via Are We Lumberjacks.

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