October 21, 2006

Mystery Blog Linked To Dem Moneyman Soros?

Dan at Rhiel World View has been connecting the dots in the Foley/Democratic Dirty Tricks Squad scandal, and the dots are starting to point toward ultra-leftwing sugardaddy George Soros. The anti-dirty tricks blog Stop October Surprises claims to have traced an IP representing the now expunged blog Stop Sexual Predators to the Human Rights Campaign a liberal group connected to People for the American Way, and thus to Soros (all roads are leading to Royal Oak, Michigan). This new information gibes with news accounts saying that Democratic Party operatives werre shopping the Foley story to the Press months before it broke.

The evidence is pointing toward a conspiracy within the Democratic Party and its supporters to withhold information about Mark Foley's suspected peccadilloes until it was politically expedient to release it. In other words, it was never about the "children," it was always about exploiting the children for political gain.

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