October 20, 2006

U.N. or Australian Intervention in Indonesia?

Stan the Infidel says it may be time for the U.N. ir Australia to intervene in Indonesia to stop the persecution of Christians. It's very unlikely that Indonesia would allow that. But the pressure for such an intervention may spur the government to act more forcefully.

Here is the letter Stan just sent me:

After many discussions between the denominations, a decision was made to approach the United Nations ( I personally vote for Australia as the UN has shown to be pro-Muslim and anti-Semetic/anti-Christian, in it's support of recent times) if the Irianto case has not be solved quickly. The police have previously claimed to know who the killer is (see Police identify killers) and the motive (see Police find motive) and the suspects (see Hasanuddin group suspected). We wonder whether this is really true or whether the government is just dishing out the lip service it is famous for. For the most part we are skeptical. It might have been the police or military who killed him for all we know.

Here's the latest posting in the Jakarta Post about our situation here in the article Police say tougher law needed and my latest included the Post article UN to be asked to resolve Central Sulawesi crisis?

If the UN refuses our request (if we are pressed to make the request because of police incapability to solve the murder) or the government refuses to allow UN intervention in Central Sulawesi, I'm guessing that will be a "green light" for all Muslim militants, police and military to have an "open hunting season" on Christians in the area. But mark my words, we will fight back if all peaceful diplomatic options fail and we are attacked.
Difficult times lay ahead, either way.

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