October 19, 2006

I Don't Have Time for Anderson Cooper

CNN has apparently decided that airing jihadist snuff films "meets their newsworthiness criteria", a statement with which I have to agree. Well, except for the crazy implication that there are actual standards involved:

We are assuming they included the sniper tape to prove the authenticity of the Al-Shimary interview tape and to establish their credibility.

Choosing to air the video, rather just watching it, is a little like eating poop, rather than just smelling it, to verify that the patient has a working digestive system. Aw shucks, it's an acquired taste.

And one might be forgiven for thinking that in this traitorous explanation/apology he might go on to at least explain what those ideosyncratic "standards" were, but alas. What he offers is a juvenile "and besides":

...with 73 U.S. military casualties so far this month, October is already the third highest month for U.S. deaths in Iraq since the war began. In fact, many of them are victims of sniper attacks.

Well, that's the man bites dog angle... while the dog bites man story about US counterinsurgent forces killing from 4000 to 10,000 al Qaeda fighters (according to... al Qaeda) is apparently not worth mentioning, let alone airing on video.

That decision, as well as the decision to build a piece around the sniper tape -- in fact, all the decisions about this story -- were subject to hours of intense editorial debate at the highest levels here at CNN.

This isn't so much an explanation as an admission that CNN's upper echelon now fully participates in Ted Turner's Fonda-induced senile dementia. It's news if it contributes to the miasmic impression that the US is losing to the Jihadist minutemen. If not, it's fluff.

I could say something crude here, but I'd never be able to top Cooper.

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