October 19, 2006

Ben Affleck Disses Retards, Grabs Reporter's Boobs on Video

ben_affleck_retard.gifAmerica's worst actor and the man known around The Jawa Report water-cooler as the anti-Christ, Matt Damon Ben Affleck, has been caught making fun of people with cerebral palsy. The man who once fell in love with Eric Cartman's hand, Jennifer Lopez, can be seen in the video appearing drunk, groping the interviewer and asking her if she has a boyfriend. He even manages to grope some boobage.

The video is below.

But those in the differently-abled community don't seem to think Affleck's cerebral palsy act and boorish behavior was all that offensive. Kind of like the way that black people can get away with saying niggah and Carlos Mencia can get away with goofing on beaners.

Think about it.

Update: A reader asks if the headline isn't a little politically incorrect? Yeah, maybe, but hell, no one's gonna tell me who I can and can't blog about. That goofy bastard, Ben Affleck, is about the best thing I've got going.

Video below. Image above via Ohnotheydidn't.

Hat tip David who reminds us that Affleck is trying to be taken seriously as a Democratic party activist. We think he should stick to being the spokesperson for Jerry's Kids.

The Sun:

BEN AFFLECK has outraged his fans after footage of him emerged making fun of people with cerebral palsy.....

In it he grabs the young female interviewer and cuddles her on his lap before telling her that he is intoxicated by her perfume.

He then tells her she should carry out the interview topless.

Later on he gropes her boobs, asking her if they are real.

But he goes even further when he makes an offensive remark about people with cerebral palsy.

Here's the vid.

Or you can try the version below, which is slower loading but which is the full version.

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