October 19, 2006

Atlas Shrugs Interviews Paul Belien

Paul is trying to warn the US away from making the same errs that Europe has made dealing with Immigrants. These mistakes resulted in small divided, competing communities separated from the main polulace rather than a "melting pot" where the best of all communities is adopted.

Pam at Atlas Shugs: Paul and I had an impromptu conversation after he arrived in Gotham and I did a series of VLOGS over a wine ...... Watch and listen to a reliable witness to the suicide of Europe. Then listen to the full unedited PODCASTS (which I will load and post later today.)...

...Paul Belien has arrived in the states, my town, New York. Belien is the distinguished editor of one of the most important sources of news and information particularly concerning the islamizaton of Europe, The Brussels Journal.I can not live without their Dispatches from the Eurabian Front.

He has spoken truth to power at great personal risk to himself and his family and he has come to America to warn us against making the same mistakes as Europe has.

Pam has the entire interview Vloged as well as supporting links.

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