October 19, 2006

Rachael Corrie Makes Me Sad

Well, not really the woman herself, but this picture with her in it does:


It's the kids surrounding Corrie that make me sad. Most of them probably didn't know what the hell they were doing there, or why, except that their parents told them to do it.

And saddest of all, because of people like Corrie, I have to work extra hard to teach my children that it's okay to kill the children in the picture, because, in time, if they don't, they will live under sharia law.

No, don't take that wrong, I'm not going to teach my kids to kill Muslims, but I am going to heartily encourage them to explore the virtues of defending their country by joining the military.

Which, in the current state of affairs, boils down to my kids facing off against these kids some day in armed conflict. I don't want my kids to kill these kids.

I don't like war. Since I first stuck my nose into war by reading a short biography of Custer in the 2nd grade, I've never liked war.

It's an irony in this day and age. People like me who truly hate war, but recognize it's necessary in order to secure our safety, are labeled warmongering bigots.

People like Corrie, who exhort the readily inflammable to jihad, and willingly participate in the indoctrination of their children, are lauded as peaceful, willowy butterflies who would never hurt another living thing.

Even as they destroy lives.

So Rachael Corrie, and others like her, make me sad. They only perpetuate the death and destruction.

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