October 18, 2006

YouTube Jihad : Have You Been Banned?

Sout al-Kuffar is putting together a "TOO HOT for YOUTUBE" list and video collection.

If you know of a pro-western / anti-jihadi video or profile BANNED by YouTube, and you think it should be on the LIST, send me an email with the title of the video and your YouTube profile name: LARSMOISTUREFARM at HOTMAIL d0t COM.

If you have a copy of a video you think should be included in the COLLECTION, upload the file somewhere (.wmv format preferred) and send me the link. If you don't know where to upload it, you can use SAVEFILE.COM or FILESEND.NET.

We, of course, reserve the right to refuse any submissions. The videos we're looking for are anti-jihad, pro-western videos. A video of your girlfriend flashing her boobs probably won't get included in the collection. Then again, maybe we oughtta review it, just to make sure...

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