October 16, 2006

An Attack On One Of Us Is An Attack On All Of Us

Baseless, unsubstantiated attacks will not go unanswered here. Not while I'm sucking oxygen, that is.

Our friend Rusty, well known for his intense dislike of the entire religion of Islam, is now calling for a boycott of Indonesia. One of the few Muslim nations that's a genuine liberal democracy, and he wants to boycott an entire country of 300 million people. His reasoning?

With friends like you, who needs enemas? Feel free to provide a link where Rusty claims an "intense dislike of the entire religion of Islam." Indonesia, a genuine liberal democracy? Really? Have you asked Hugh Hefner about that one? And does 50% of a true Liberal Democracy (proper grammar is your friend) advocate stoning to death for adulterers?

Well let's see: earlier this year, three Christians were convicted in court of masterminding a sectarian attack that saw over 200 muslims killed. Rusty presumes them innocent because, after all, they're Christians. Rusty also mentions that one of the Muslims implicated in the Bali massacre got off with a light sentence--but doesn't bother to mention that three other Muslims are all on Death Row right now in Indonesia for the Bali attacks.

First off, this is a total lie. Here is what Rusty said: "If these guys are guilty of involvement in a massacre that killed over 200--mostly women and children, let me volunteer my services for the firing squad."

Second, the boycott has nothing to do with the execution of these men. They were executed on September 21st. This boycott is being called for after the wanton murder of a Christian minister who was neither accused, nor convicted of anything. And it was Rusty's response to a Christian commenter, living in Indonesia. The commenter, Stan, advocated firebombing mosques in retaliation. If you bothered to read the post, which you didn't, because you've obviously stuck your head up Andrew Sullivan's ass, you would know this.

Rusty is going to have to provide more evidence of routine slaughter of Christians than he's given us. Otherwise all I see is an apparent double-standard: Christians presumed innocent, Muslims presumed guilty. And if that's not true, then what is the truth?

Gee, why don't you re-read the Indonesia category.

I ask again: why do all the people who mention that ONE of the Muslims accused of being part of the Bali attacks got off with a light sentence never bother to mention that THREE OTHER MUSLIMS got the death penalty and are awaiting execution even now in Indonesia?

They are mentioned on The Jawa Report. "The unbiased Reuters which, in the interest of fairness, lets the readers know that 3 Muslims are also about to be executed. Of course, these are the Bali bombers--completely unrelated to the ongoing clashes between Muslims and the Christian and Hindu minorities." See, Dean? Trying to morally equivocate Muslim vs. Dhimmi violence with the Bali bombings, well, it may work in Dean's World, but here, not so much. And yes, we have chronicled another flat out Esmay lie.

If they don't even bother mentioning it, it's hard not to conclude that they hold Muslims to different standards from Christians.

See above. And yes, we do hold different standards. Maybe you missed the memo, but not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims.

And please, please, show me the Christians who are calling for a global caliphate. Show me the Christians who are rioting over the Bible being trashed in Saudi Arabia. Show me the Christians who threaten a fellow Christian for converting to another religion. Tell me, Dean, did the Pope, or the Patriarchs, or the leaders of any Christian denomination call for the death of John Walker Lindh when it was discovered that he had converted to Islam? Can you say the same for Muslims who have converted to Christianity?

Sorry Rusty, I love ya, but you have to work a lot harder than you have so far to convince me that Indonesia's a hellhole where Christians are routinely slaughtered and Muslims routinely get away with murder.

Trust me, as one of Rusty's true friends, your love shall be forever unrequited.

The only way to answer this is....why don't you do us all a favor and move there. If you love the place so much, why don't you give us a first hand account of the Christian Paradise that is Indonesia.

Now, I have some questions for you, Dean.

Are you related to Scott Ritter?

Does your "moderate" Muslim co-blogger, Aziz Poonwalla still believe that Israel is developing a "genetic bomb" that only kills Arabs and not Jews? Does he still think that it's even plausible?

Does the fact that he buys the Lancet survey make you cringe?

Millions of Shi'a Muslims believe in taqiyyah, yet you don't. However, your "moderate" Muslim co-blogger is Shiite. Care to explain?

The most prominent Christian terrorist organization in the world is the Irish Republican Army. Please cite for me the Biblical quotes they use to justify their actions. Cherry pick at your will, but please back it up with actual cites.

Why is there only one link in your post, to Rusty's boycott post, and not one other to back up your claims?

Finally, why haven't you bothered to publish Al Brown's email? Which you begged to do?

Update by Howie: Amen Vinnie:

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