October 12, 2006

Who Murdered Daniel Pearl?

Howiekhalid.jpgIt appears that by analyzing video of the murders hands it was determined that Khalid Sheikh Mohammad was the man who beheaded Pearle. Khalid Sheikh Mohammad also confessed to the brutal murder under interrogation and said he had to switch knives to remove his head because the first one became too dull to finish.

Time:Sheik never identified KSM as the actual killer, however. The FBI deduced KSM's role only after analyzing a video of the crime, in which only the perpetrator's hands are visible. That video was released by Islamic militants soon after Pearl's murder and then widely shown on Arab television and the Internet. Eventually, the FBI obtained its own version of the original video, as well as the camera used to photograph the murder.

Once KSM was taken into custody in March 2003, a comparison of the hands shown in the video and KSM's own hands, along with other evidence, confirmed the FBI's suspicions. Then, under interrogation, KSM confessed, national security officials told TIME, admitting without remorse that he personally severed Pearl ' s head and telling interrogators he had to switch knives after the first one, " got dull. "

KSM was interrogated in secret CIA prisons along with some three dozen other key captives, including alleged terrorists Ramzi Binalshibh and Abu Zubaydah, a close associate of Osama bin Laden. U.S. officials say all were questioned as part of a special CIA program that was in effect before Congress began legislating on interrogation policy, first last December and again in anew bill that President Bush is expected to sign soon. But with their actionable intelligence value largely exhausted in recent months and the White House under political and legal pressure to alter the CIA's once-secret detention and interrogation system all the captives have been shipped to Guantanamo or to third countries.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, The real Fat Bastard.

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