October 12, 2006

USS Cole Sixth Anniversary

Jane at Armies of Liberation has a very good post marking this date.

At the time of the bombings, a Yemeni regime official advanced the theory that the United States had blown up the ship itself, as pretense for an invasion. This fear mongering has continued. “There was a plan to occupy Aden,” President Saleh said in a 2005 speech. According to President Saleh, eight U.S. warships waited at the mouth of the port of Aden, ready to invade in the days after the bombing. Only through his leadership abilities, he claimed, was the invasion averted.

In reality, all documentation indicates the Cole was traveling alone. In the days after the bombing, the crew of the Cole struggled unassisted to keep the ship afloat while the wounded were tended on deck. It is inconceivable that any U.S. ship in the area would not have come to their immediate aid.

Bhe sure to follwo the link as Jane links to Something and Half of Something who has pics and a triute to those sailors who died in the terrorists cowardly attack.

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