October 12, 2006

Iowa Hawk Announces Successful Nuclear Test

We at the Jawa Report hereby surrender to the massive firepower of Iowa Hawk. We send tribute and respectfully request that no potatoes be inserted in Rusty’s tailpipe.

Iowa Hawk: The aim of the Iowahawk nuclear fireworks program is clear: to contribute to defending the peace and stability all about the blogosphere, and the area around it, if the blogosphere knows what is good for it. And what is good for blogosphere is also clear: more linky-linky for Iowahawk.
Update: Surrender my A$$. We have taken the infidel Radar O’Reily Hostage! Any further acts of aggression from Iowahawk could result in our having to take the regretful action of dismembering his Teddy Bear, who we are also holding hostage for 19.95 + shipping and handling.

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