October 12, 2006

10/11 Truth Movement

Ace has started a new search for the truth! Greg?

FACT: A "single engine plane" COULD NOT crash into an apartment building and merely knock out a few windows.

FACT: The fires burning in the building COULD NOT have been caused by the mere ignition of aircraft fuel. The plane in question was too small to carry enough feul to start such a large fire.

FACT: CIA/Mossad have been known to plant pyrotechnic devices in their past. Could they have planted firebombs in the precise apartment the plane hit? It seems likely.

Ace is building a compelling case. One that could spread to "circles" in colleges across the nation. Read the rest now! Before bushmchitlerhellibacon and the Jooooos destroy Ace for revealing the truth no one wants to know.

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