October 11, 2006

A Plane Has Crashed Into A New York Building

A small plane has crashed into a building in New York CityA small plane has crashed into a building in New York City.

WNBC is providing live video: [ click here ]


More coming.

WNBC reports that two bodies have been recovered. Active speculation that this could be a copycat 9/11 attack.

Some witnesses say the aircraft was a small plane, some say it was a helicopter.

NORAD says fighters have been launched over several U.S. cities. FAA says aircraft was "fixed-wing." Officials say aircraft took a hard 90 degree turn before hitting the building. The aircraft had no communications with Air Traffic contolllers.

Fire Department officials say penetration into the building by the aircraft was not significant. Fire was fought in a "routine" manner.

Update FOX News reports that Yankees' pitcher Cory Lidle piloted the plane and is dead. Sad news, our condolences go out to his family and friends.

The building is said to be located at 524 East 72nd Street in New York.

Ms. Underestimated has extensive coverage including video; she is also cross-posting at Stop The ACLU

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