October 11, 2006

Harry Reid Hangs Up on Reporter Questioning $1 Million Land Deal

From the Associated Press:

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid collected a $1.1 million windfall on a Las Vegas land sale even though he hadn't personally owned the property for three years, property deeds show.
In the process, Reid did not disclose to Congress an earlier sale in which he transferred his land to a company created by a friend and took a financial stake in that company, according to records and interviews.
I wonder what possessed AP to dig up dirt on a Democrat? Apparently, Harry Reid wondered the same thing [emphasis added]:
The complex dealings allowed Reid to transfer ownership, legal liability and some tax consequences to Brown's company without public knowledge, but still collect a seven-figure payoff nearly three years later.

Reid hung up the phone when questioned about the deal during an AP interview last week.

Let's see how prominently this is mentioned, if at all, in the rest of the Mainstream Media.

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