October 11, 2006

American Youth Reportedly Kidnapped

The terrorist group Ansar al-Sunnah is claiming responsibility for the kidnapping.

Ynet: Palestinian security officials are verifying claims made by an extremist Islamic group that it kidnapped an American youth in the West Bank city of Nablus, officials said Wednesday.

A fax sent to the Reuters news agency by Ansar A-Sunna, a group affiliated with al-Qaeda in Iraq, shows a copy of an American citizens' passport and a copy of his entry visa to Israel.

Palestinian security officials said all terror groups contacted over the claim denied involvement.

Rabi'a Abu Layl, a senior activist with the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, told Ynet: "Not only we have no contact with them, but we condemn the incident. If this youth was kidnapped in Nablus itself, then the issue is serious since foreign teenagers staying here despite the situation are usually volunteers who come to help us on humanitarian missions."

Yes, it usually is those least deserving of being abused that the terrorists choose, those who work hard to help the Palestinians and Muslims. The terrorists have an interest in targeting those people lest the illusion that we are the Great Satan be shattered. Its also a way to get the most sympathy and therefore a better chance of making some cash for bomb belts.

We pray for and demand this innocent non-combatants's immediate release.

Also here at Jpost.

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Update. The victim one Michael Leighton Phillips, 24 has been released.

Jpost:An American teacher was freed late Wednesday after being held for a day by Palestinians. He appeared to be unharmed.

Michael Leighton Phillips, 24, was brought to security headquarters in Nablus, where he was joined by a former mayor, Ghassan Shakaa, and a security chief, both members of the moderate Fatah movement.

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Good news! must have been my forceful blog post

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