October 11, 2006

WaPo: Democrats, Media Knew About Foley Emails For Months

Hate to keep flogging this retarded horse, but this is an important developement. The major newspaper blackout on the Democrats' knowledge of the Foley situation has been broken.

AJ Strata has the scoop, and asks:

What other evidence do we need other than the admissions by Harpers and the WaPo that they dealt with democrat operatives and used democrat sources bent on impacting the coming elections?
The truth starts to emerge almost two weeks from day one. AJ thinks the WaPo is trying to get out ahead of some devastating news that may be coming soon. Pelosi's outrage brigade, Democrat operatives and their willing accomplices in the news media knew about Foley for a long time (as far back as November of last year) and did nothing (as was suspected). It doesn't exonerate Foley in the least, but it does implicate the Democrats quite directly.

Crocktober surprise.

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