October 10, 2006

Kos Kautiously Optimistic

Did anyone catch this post by Kos cautioning the salivating leftwingnut hordes not to start popping the champange just quite yet? He sounds less-than-thrilled with the momentum he no doubt thought the Donks would gain with Foleygate:

I'm getting a little nervous with people thinking we have any race this fall in the bag. While things look great for us right now, the election isn't right now. And if Republicans can do anything, it's close the deal. And quite frankly, we're not a sure thing anywhere.

We've got to pick up six seats for a majority, seven if we want to avoid a potential Lieberman blackmail situation (if he wins his race). We have to hold all of our own endangered seats (looking solid in MN, okay in MD, and iffy in NJ). Then, in the Republican-held competitive races left -- MO, MT, OH, PA, RI, TN, and VA -- all but one feature incumbents, always the hardest races to win. Incumbents rarely, rarely lose.

That's the blogosphere kingmaker speaking. Not exactly the triumphant warrior on a white horse you'd think he'd be at this point.

Read it all. If you're feeling saucy, sludge through the comments.

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