October 10, 2006

November Rain

I'm with AJ Strata and Macranger.

Yes - we're all getting fatigued defending and shallacking for the policies, both good and bad, of the current GOP juggernaut.

Yes - we're frustrated at the apparent lack of progress we read about and see on TV nightly, despite having a slim majority in both chambers.

Yes - we're growing impatient with many "leaders" within our ranks, and are anxious to get some new blood in there.

And yes - many of the most stallwart and widely-heard voices in the movement seem to be submitting to the pressure.

Your pain is felt and understood. Your complaints are valid and valuable. If you believe in these initiatives and policy preferences, then the power is in your hands to do something about it.

My decision in November will come easy and without regret - I'm not voting for a Democrat, and I'm holding my nose to vote GOP.

Need a brusque pep-talk? Keep reading.

The reasons for voting this fall? There are many.

Try these - a thoroughly disgraceful retreat from Iraq with terrorists slicing throats in celebration all over the ME. Higher taxes and more government intrusion into my wallet and yours. An open border with Mexico that will not only never be closed, but the criminals flooding across it will ensure the United States slides closer to third-world status than in the opposite direction - as one political party will attempt to make them its largest voting block. Senseless "impeachment" hearings for the only person in the world that seems to comprehend that we are fighting a war - a war the cowardly party "impeaching" him voted for and fought tooth-and-nail every step of the way afterwards for political expediency. A healthcare system that will collapse. A social welfare system already strained that will swirl closer to the flushhole of hell. Food police. The end of talk radio as you know it, as the Stalinist "Fairness Doctrine" will be implemented. Endless "investigations." Billions of wasted taxpayer dollars. The Clintonistas back in control. A return to the "Misery Index."

Should I go on? You've all no doubt heard the "If Pelosi and Co. win" schtick, so I'll spare you. The point is that these are all real and likely possibilities, readily admitted to by Democrats over the past year, that will come to pass. I could go on and on if I wanted to.

The only way to avoid this is to get out and vote and halt that encroachment on our lives and on the nation's long-term security. All of the incessant GOP-is-horrible bitching, whining, self-righteousness, sanctimony, good ideas, momentum, etc. is meaningless and irrelevant the second those in the movement submit to the flak thrown at them by the other team. And make no mistake - the other team wants nothing less that the GOP's complete and total destruction.

Duh. This is political warfare, and the conservative party has been targeted by sizable portion of the country for termination. Comfortable with that? I ain't. For those sitting out or voting Democrat, bring on the socialism. You must really want it.

For me, this is too critical a juncture in history to surrender to a group of traitorous, back-stabbing liars and frauds who have no plan of action, who wish to implement long-dead Marxist fantasies which will drastrically affect our goverment and economy, and who aim to install anti-war hippy retreads from deacades past who are convinced that their cultural "revolution" is the antidote to what "ails" the country. Those people sent our culture and legal system down the crapper, and now we have conservatives threatening to vote for them.

Go ahead. Vote Democrat. Don't vote at all to "teach the GOP a lesson." The problem is that we'll be paying for that "lesson," and I don't want to hear a sinlge word of complaint when they mow over you and the US loses the war. I don't want to hear whining about high taxes, bad policy or open borders.

If you don't vote, the record will show that you had a chance to stop this onslaught of leftwing insanity, and you submitted.

Whatever happened to "We Will Never Submit?" That's easy enough to say, but living it requires some intestinal fortitude. If you think October is gonna be a long month, the next two years are gonna be wonderfully hellish. Grow a set and hang in there.

With the possible exception of Ronald Reagan, I don't think there has been much of a reason to get excited about either party or their candidates in the past two decades, but that's life at this point.

Vote for the people with whom you disagree less.

This post was inspired by the All-Seeing Pirate Ragnar's post on conservative blogospheric anger at the GOP.

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