October 09, 2006

African Taliban Declares Jihad Against Ethiopia

You know "Jihad", the struggle for inner peace that comes after careful self introspection and study of the will of Allah as laid down in the Koran and the Hadiths.

BBC:Somalia's Islamists have accused Ethiopian troops of attacking a town and have vowed a "holy war" in revenge.

The town of Bur Haqaba lies on the road from the government base in Baidoa to the Islamist-held capital, Mogadishu.

Ethiopia denies that its troops have crossed the border but does support the government against the Islamists.

An Islamist leader, wearing fatigues and holding an AK-47, said a "jihad" had been declared on Ethiopia, raising fears of a regional conflict.

"Heavily armed Ethiopian troops have invaded Somalia," said Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, seen as a moderate within the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC).
"They have captured Bur Haqaba. History shows that Somalis always win when they are attacked from outside."

And if your neighbors fail to see the wisdom of Dhimmification and submitting to the will of Allah, he says you can give them a good old moderate chop chop choppity chop to the neck!

Or shoot somebody, a Nun in the back maybe?


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