October 08, 2006

Airboating Through The Fever Swamps

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The average Daily Kos reader, male, female, and others

I took a trip to the Dagobah System of the 'sphere, Dkos, just to see what they were saying about the NORK nuke test.

Here's just a small sample of the comments over under there:

...Bush's approval rating is in red-alert territory again. Usually they just up the FearCon level when that happens, but I think that trick's lost most of its effectiveness. So I have to think that, regrettably, you might have something in your last sentence. God grant we're both wrong.
Every single time it gets this bad, and this has been the worst time for him, something happens to pull it out.
I think this is what the Bu$heviki are going to pull out of the hat to distract Amurkans from Foleygate. I'm not--quite--ready to claim they engineered it this way or that this is Rove's "October Surprise," but the timing is certainly convenient. Maybe too damn convenient.
It has happened too many times to be coincidental. And it always is precisely timed. I won't even hesitated to say it is too damn convenient. Believe your eyes and your gut.

There is a sane voice over there, urinating into the gale:

how in the world does the Bush Admin "time" a nuke test by the N Koreans???

I took these five quotes just out the first thirteen. Feel free, if you dare, to go read the rest of them.

Once again, this is a situation where the blame stretches back over many years, not just the last two administrations. This problem goes back to the fact that we failed to completely and utterly defeat and humiliate the enemy in 1953, signed a cease-fire, and voila, here we are today.

But to claim that the Bush Admin. actually orchestrated this for the elections. Good lord, that's just f***ing insane.

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