October 04, 2006

Foley is NOT a Pedophile or Child Molester

I keep hearing people refer to disgraced homosexual Congressman Foley as a pedophile or a child molester. Are people really that stupid to believe that? Apparently, yes.

Having sex (or wanting to have sex) with a teenagers is not child molestation nor is it pedophelia.

Pedophelia is sex with children. Teenagers are not physically children. Having sex with a teenager is 'statutory rape'. That is, by statute, we declare them incompetent to make their own decisions on sexual matters.

Statutory rape is wrong because teenagers under 18 are not mature enough to rationally make those kinds of important life choices. It is wrong at the social level.

Wanting to have sex with prepubescent or early pubescent children goes beyond social mores. It is anti-Darwinian....or you might call it "unnatural", which is what I think the Bible calls it.

I think the Bible also says that those who engage in pedophelic behavior fall into
canyons, are impaled, then are eaten by mountain lions and grizzly bears. It's somewhere in the back.

Wanting to have sex with a hot 17 year old girl is natural, but wrong.

If you want to have sex with this, you are not a pedophile. You need to control yourself, but you do not need to check into a clinic.


Britney Spears at 17

Wanting to have sex with a 9 year old is unnatural and vastly more wrong. Wanting this makes you a deviant of the worst kind. If you want to have sex with this, then I'd suggest chemical castration. Or maybe suicide.


Christina Aguilera at 10

One "prophet" certainly comes to mind here.

Oh, and death to America!

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