October 02, 2006

Injured UK Soldier Accosted in Hospital

This really takes the cake. Here we have a brave paratrooper just returned from combat with injuries and they are allowed to be harassed by some guy running around the ward.

Telegraph UK: On one occasion a member of the Parachute Regiment, still dressed in his combat uniform after being evacuated from Afghanistan, was accosted by a Muslim over the British involvement in the country.
You have been killing my Muslim brothers in Afghanistan," the man said during a tirade.

Because the soldier was badly injured and could not defend himself, he was very worried for his safety, sources told The Daily Telegraph.
A relative of the Para said the man had twice walked on to the ward where two other soldiers and four civilians were being treated without once being challenged by staff.

"It's not the best way to treat our returning men," he said. "They are nervous that these guys might attack them and, despite being paratroopers, they cannot defend themselves because of their injuries."

Yes the brave Mujahadeen is now going after the wounded. Tell me just when will the Brits get with it and jail these people?

Allahpundit and Rusty are on the same page here. Given that this occured in birmingham, we have a pretty good idea of just who would do such a thing.

Also see Blue Crab Boulevard.

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