October 02, 2006

(Original Vids) Atta and al Qaeda Videos Released(bumped)

The Jawa Report has obtained the full length video of Mohammed Atta and other of the 9/11 conspirators as reported in the major media. You can watch the full video below in five parts or post them to your own website using Google video. A description of the Atta-Jarrah-bin Laden video is here.

Videos are below the fold. There is no audio for the video in the originals.

Related Muhammad Atta's written will here.

Watch all five videos below, or seperately at Google video with these links:

Part I.
Part II.
Part III.
Part IV.
Part V.

Part 1: Osama Bin Laden at Tarnak Farm speaks to al Qaeda members (10 minutes)

Part 2: Bin Laden speaks to al Qaeda group, Ramzi Binalshibh in audience (7 minutes)

Part 3: Mohammed Atta last will martyrdom video (12 minutes)

Part 4: Mohamed Atta and Ziad Samir Jarrah (13 minutes)

Part 5: Last will of terrorist Ziad Samir Jarrah (7 minutes)

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