September 30, 2006

Anti-al Qaeda Vigalante Freed from Afghanistan Prison!

brent-bennet.jpgMaybe there is justice after all. Brent Bennet has been freed! But I'm sure Andy Sullivan is near hysteria on hearing the news.

Because baby Jesus cries every time an al Qaeda operative isn't read his Miranda rights

I've always thought there was more to the story than we were being told. The fact that it looks like Bennet will be free when he returns to the U.S. is a bit of a clue.


An American was released from an Afghan prison and flown out of the country Saturday after serving more than two years for running a private prison as part of a freelance hunt for terrorists, officials said.

Court documents filed Friday in Washington, D.C., show that U.S. officials planned to secure Brent Bennett a passport and a ticket out of the country, and an Associated Press reporter saw a man identified as Bennett board a plane for Dubai late Saturday.

It was not clear if Bennett, 29, was free or in the custody of U.S. officials. He was held in a private room at the airport and journalists were prevented from talking to him.

Bennett, former U.S. soldier Jack Keith Idema, and Edward Caraballo were arrested in July 2004 and convicted of running a private prison in Kabul after Afghan security forces raided a house and discovered eight Afghan men who said they had been abused. Idema told the AP by phone from his prison cell Saturday that there had never been any evidence the Afghans were abused.

Hat tip: you-know-who.

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