September 29, 2006

National IQ Test

On CNN tonight some analyst from the New York Memes made their case that the traitor who selectively leaked Republican-damaging information from a top secret National Intelligence Estimate was by way of merely informing us about what a godawful mess the Iraq War puts us in. Sorta like, oh I don't know... Vietnam. Oh the nobility of it all. It appears that, well... the damned enemy is fighting back. Who knew?

Like, if only we'd just stayed out of Iraq, Al Qaeda and the Mullahs would've folded like a cheap suit, and we'd be right back in the world of 9/10. And this clever pundit goes on to express the hard-won "opinion" that the only reason the administration released the NIE was that they'd have been more embarassed had they attempted to "cover it up". The release, of course, had nothing to do with the fact that the full judgment of the NIE blows the NYT's case into more pieces than there are grains of sand on the world's beaches.

Never mind, in other words, that the NYT made up its mind years ago that Iraq was a "mess", and have been selling the same story issue after issue. Simplifies the whole daunting task of publication if you don't have to actually keep up with what's going on. Just trot out the reliable old meme.

Never mind that the NIE was about making judgments concerning strategy. Who knows what strategy is anyway? It's a mess, we're assured. The strategy is irrelevant, immaterial, and inscrutible. If the actual judgments in the NIE overwhelmingly suggest that, well: if we win in Iraq we've beaten Al Qaeda and the Salafists, and Islam will have no choice but to tame itself, so what? And so what if it says that should we lose in Iraq, Al Qaeda and the Islamofascist terrorists will have won a monumental victory likely to propel them into the status of heroes, providing them with the resources and sanctuary to turn this into a real contest--for which the Muslim world, and the world in general, will pay a price the magnitude of which hasn't been seen since the Holocaust, if ever. I mean, that'd just make it a fair fight and that's what wars are about, right? Balance? We wouldn't want to win, if it meant having an unfair advantage.

And besides it's just too darn much trouble to bring that complexity to anyone's attention. Far better to just interpret the document as supporting the contention that's been so carefully nurtured since the Bush administration had the audacity to suggest that changing the vile neighborhood that produces sociopaths the way Detroit produces cars might be the only way to have a future not dominated by zombies more in love with death than life. Never mind that the NIE is about destroying that sociopath factory, and that what we're doing in Iraq and environs is about the only way to accomplish that task.

But seriously, aren't these folks as vile as the suffocating French elite that would doom the planet if they thought it'd preserve their undeserved privilege a few more years. Do these folks at the NYT not know they're full of hot air? Please, they have advanced degrees. They know. But caring, that's another matter.

Perhaps, however, they've miscalculated this time. I mean, it's possible people aren't as monumentally stupid as they're expected to be, and perhaps folks'll have the audacity to infer something they're not being spoonfed by mass media? Perhaps they know a load of hooey when they see it?

Al Qaeda hasn't given up. What a shocker!

But more to the point neither have those who've given themselves the office of preserving Al Qaeda's hopes and dreams that western civilization will capitulate the way Qutb said they ought, and somehow drag defeat from the jaws of victory. Al Qaeda fights on not because we're pissing them off. They were already pissed off. They and their supporters and recruits are fighting on almost entirely because the mass media in the west preserves their hope of long term victory. Is there any doubt at all that were the west united and convinced of our own mission the sun would be setting on theirs?

It's no accident that the message of the Moveon Borg, MSM, and Al Qaeda have finally converged. Not only do Michael Moore and Bob Woodward assure us that Bush lied, but they're backed up by that stalwart of veracity, Ayman Zawahiri!

So that's settled, then.

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