September 29, 2006

Howie’s Roundup: Rusty Gets Lots of Mail Edition.

So, uh, Rusty does get lots of mail. Sorry we didn’t get to everything. Pesky real jobs! Some links from other posts may be duplicated here.

To help out Rusty and move us closer to the goal of quitting our real jobs and playing on the internet 24/7 click here.

Al-Jazeerra hacked, pajamahadeen charged.

Turnabout is fair play.

Top 9 signs that ULB is dead!

Mackers moonbat memorial.

British Foxes guard British henhouses

Stop the ALCU makes NY times! Jay wants to vomit but doesn’t

Another "Goodhearted, hardworking" Illegal Alien Turns Killer.

The Clintons, the Media, and the WMD Attack On America They Refused to Tell You About.

Poso 3 possibly tortured before execution.

GPO warns press on doctored photos.

Attn: Glenn Reynolds :A hunger strike for an Insta-lanche.

Contest for the best campaign slogan or bumper sticker for 2006.

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