September 29, 2006

Welcome To The Five And Dime, Dhimmi Dean, Dhimmi Dean

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I'm not linking either. And no, we will not grant your Worker's Comp claim for Carpal Tunnel from following the links.

Now, let's fisk Dean's comments, shall we?

I can't believe you guys who are trying to apologize for me but deny that there are any genuine Islamophobes out there who think that Islam is fundamentally incompatible with freedom and democracy.

Have you not been reading my archives? Do you think I'm just imagining this shit?

Funny, I didn't know Osama was an Islamophobe. The most virulent supporters of this idea are Muslims. And no, I don't read your archives. And I don't believe you're just imagining this shit. The M'Naghten Rule basically states that the person can't distinguish right from wrong at the time the incident occurred. To put it in another way, people claiming they're insane usually aren't, insane people don't know that they're insane. Their reality is their imaginations.

Did you at least read this thread? Or this one? Or this one?

What, did you think I was making this shit up?? Like it was some paranoid fantasy I had?

Wake up god damn it. Some of your supposed allies on the right think Islam is the eternal enemy and Muslims are the real threat. Just start asking the question. I'm not making this shit up.

Lessee. no, no, no, yes, and we woke up in 1979. When will you? And if the question is about the conscience of a Conservative, all that happy crappy gets buried during wartime. Re: Normandy, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, etc, etc.

Fuck, just read Jawa Report for a week, or Little Green Footballs, or JihadWatch.

I'm no moron. Look, just LOOK at what they say every day on those sites.

Yay! More traffic! Thanks, moron!

And just answer me this:

Are MUSLIMS the enemy?


Just look at Jihadwatch, or Little Green Footballs, or Jawa Report, or a dozen other sites. Do THEY make such a distinction? I do, and you might, but DO THEY?

I have to stop ranting now, but seriously. Do they think that MUSLIMS are the enemy? Or that terrorists are the enemy? Do they make a clear distinction, or do they not?

If this yokel actually read the Jawa Report, then he would know full well we make that distinction. If he'd provide a link to back up his wild assertions, he'd have more credibility.

This blog has always made distinctions. But, in his arrogance, Dean Esmay does not. We know, and have posted on it numerous times, that there are good Muslims out there. We've lamented that they don't speak up as often as they should. Dean Esmay makes his mistake in not realizing that Islam is not simply a religion. It is an ideology, a political force, and a way of life for its adherents.

He blathers consistently about the Koran. About how we "cherry pick" phrases from it to suit our needs. Koran, Koran, Koran, he bleats.

But has learned scholar Dean Esmay read the Sunnah and Hadith? Has he read the narrated tales of Mohammed's life from the mouths of those who served him and knew him best?

Has he read the history of Islam by the scores and scores of those who have been subjugated by it since the 7th Century?

I doubt it. I would hazard to guess that he's spent far more time delving into Christian history, all the better to shout "they do it too!!!!!"

In his post, which I didn't link to, he makes some poor analogies. He likens our criticism of Islam to, and I quote:

To me it would be akin to, in World War II, declaring ourselves at war with "Germanic People," "Latin People," and "Southeast Asians." Not Nazi Germany and Mussolini's Italy and Tojo's Japan. No, we would have declared that we were at war with anyone of Germanic or Latin descent, and anyone who happened to be short, yellow, and slant-eyed (to put it rudely and crassly).

Gee, someone didn't read his history book too well. He left out Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, and Romania, all part of the Axis.

But that's an aside. What he still fails to grasp is that Islam is not a race, it is not a nationality. From which hand to wipe a butt with to how one treats one's wife, it is not just a religion. It's an ideology, a political force, and, most importantly, a way of life imposed upon the people who live under its rule no matter what their individual inclination.

He also can't seem to grasp the tools of warfare. Although he claims to be a hawk, he doesn't seem to understand that in war, all weapons must be deployed in order to achieve victory.

One of the weapons in war, and a vital one it is, is propaganda.

That's one of the main functions we provide here to the war effort. The enemy has their propaganda, we have ours. Their propaganda sure as hell doesn't make any distinctions between good Christians and bad Christians, or Jews, or Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccans, et. al.

Why should ours?

Their propaganda consists of videos of execution by beheading, ours is in print. Their propaganda consists of videos of IEDs blowing up Humvees, or sniper shots to a serviceman's head. Ours consists of silly line drawings and photoshops.

I'm not going to apologize to Dean for posting things that insult 1.2 billion Muslims, sorry dude. I've skimmed your blog, and frankly, you've insulted the 2.7 billion Christians on this earth just as egregiously as we have Islam.

So, to close this out, using Dean's own verbiage.

Go fuck yourself, you dhimmi traitor.

Here, I found a flag made just for you.

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