September 28, 2006

Teddy Kennedy Promises Democrats Will Gut National Security Measures if Elected

Teddy Kennedy, erupting after passage by the House of a bill to approve NSA surveillance of international calls between Americans and suspected terrorists, and passage in the Senate of the bill to authorize detention, interrogation, and trials of enemy combatants:

"In 40 days, we can put an end to this nonsense."
In forty days, given Democratic majorities in the Senate and House, we can put an end to five years without a terrorist attack on American soil. We can put an end to terrorists being aggressively questioned about upcoming attacks and the whereabouts of their cronies. We can put an end to thousands of terrorists dying in Iraq, instead of Manhattan.

Take the Bloviator from Massachusetts at his word. When he says that using legal means to protect Americans from terrorism is "nonsense", he means what he says.

Majority Leader John Boehner summed it up well:

"To always have reasons why you just can't vote 'yes,' I think speaks volumes when it comes to which party is better able and more willing to take on the terrorists and defeat them."

Pic of Moby Ted.

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