September 28, 2006

Radicals Create Opposing Radicals

This piece in the La Times (registration required to view) argues that the “Islamic Radicals” who use terrorism are creating a tremendous backlash and overall bad perception of Islam.

LA Times: EVER SINCE 9/11, a dark view of Islam has been gaining currency on what might be called the Western street. This view holds that, contrary to the protestations of our political leaders who claim that acts of terrorism are being carried out by a minority of extremists the real problem lies with Islam itself. In this interpretation, Islam is not a religion of peace but of war, and its 1.2 billion adherents will never rest until all of humanity is either converted, subjugated or simply annihilated.
This is quite correct. Even Muslims who want to live in peace with the west are now confronted with a rather radical idea. They must choose to fight with those outside Islam against their brethren for the very soul and reputation of Islam!

The west faces a similar catch 22. We use secular government, not to place it above God, but so that we may all worship as we choose. This is a basic freedom born of the persecution of Christian Protestants.

The argument is circulating that by fighting the radicals we are creating more radicals. The reverse is also true. Terrorism forces us to take a “radical” view that Islam is the basis of terrorism or at least a symptom of an Islam gone very wrong. Irishpennants post on this subject states this very well(Correction: this is a quote from Robert Godwin of One Cosmos linked and used at Irish Pennant, Oops) .

Would they(liberals) ever report that terrorists are the cause of the American military that liberals so despise, and that if terrorists would only appease America, our military would stop trying to harm them? Or that Islamo-nazis have to stop their unwinnable war on the west, because it will only create more George Bushes and Tony Blairs and John Howards?
I agree. The MSM reports doom every day. One example is the frequent bombing of lines to sign up for the Iraqi police or military. They report this as a bad sign. That terrorism still exists and therefore we fail.

But I find the fact that there is a line to bomb very encouraging. Iraqi’s, in response to the terror, are accepting the rather radical idea that to save their nation they must fight the radicals. Thus they become radicals in opposition to the terrorist radicals. See how this works?

It’s a necessary and natural response. Before 9/11 I did have an idea that Islam was a nest for terrorism. But after 9/11 and becoming aware of and studying the words of the terrorists themselves I became more convinced they must be fought.

The same thing occurred when my eyes were opened to the terrorists snuff videos. This obviously evil practice and manifestation of Satan’s work on earth “radicalized” me even further. I felt more determined to expose their evil and fight them. Allying with anyone Muslim or not who was for freedom of expression and exposing what I see as an evil, “doctrine of terror.”

Also the absurd reaction of large portions of the Muslim community to various “insults” in an attempt to force me to respect Islam out of fear also encouraged me to do just the opposite.

I’ll not submit to fear or threat I will do the exact opposite of what those threatening me want. I will both exercise my freedom to do so and send a message that terror will not buy my respect of Islam.

Only the behavior of Muslims as a whole will earn my respect. For me to ever respect Islam then Muslims must fight and defeat the “radicals” as well as show respect to our culture and our religion.

When Muslims use the term Cross Worshipper to describe Christians in one breath and start taking Jesus with the next I see hypocrisy. It only serves to deepen my “radicalism” or opinion that Islam does not respect me. Therefore why should I pay respect to Islam?

I’ve been finishing the Dune series by Frank Herbert among other things. I read the first three as a young man and I always wanted to read the rest. If you have not read these each chapter starts with a little preface. I’m now in book five (where I found the origin of C3PO by the way) but in book four I found the following quote that I find very relevant.

Surprise? Who's talking of Surprise? Chaos is no surprise. It has predictable characteristics. For one thing it carries away order and strengthens the forces at the extremes.

Isn't that what radicals are trying to do? Aren't they trying to shake things up so they can grab control?

That's what they think they are doing. Actually they're createing new extremists, new radicals and they are continuing the old process.

What about a radical who sees the complexities and comes at you that way?

That's no radical that's a rival for leadership.

But what do you do?

You co-opt them or kill them. That's how the struggle for leadership originated, at the grunt level.

Remember part of al-Qaeda’s strategy is to use chaos and terror to destabilize the powers in control. These powers will then "castle" so to speak. They will contract into their power base to protect themselves. This leaves a vacuum into which the terrorist move. They then seek to win hearts and minds by providing for the needs of those trapped in the chaos of their own making. They deceive them by controlling the necessities of life and blaming the chaos on others.

It has been said that Satan is the Prince of Lies. If you look closely at al-Qaeda and the other radical’s strategy it becomes clear who they follow.

I feel for Dean I really do. I probably do create more radicals, but who created this one? The one typing this post.

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Update: Michelle responds to Dean's post. You know I like Dean's blog. It was one of the first blogs I started reading. I've linked some of his stuff in the past. I see via Michelle that Dean thinks a lot less of us than we do of him.

Dean Esmay:
Fuck, just read Jawa Report for a week, or Little Green Footballs, or JihadWatch.

I'm no moron. Look, just LOOK at what they say every day on those sites.

Hey thanks for the link Dean!

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