September 28, 2006

Berkeley, Other Major Colleges Get Failing Grades in US History

A real shocker here. The hotbed of 1960's leftist radicalism bequeaths a legacy of empty-headed, ignorant liberal know-nothings onto the country:

The nonpartisan group that contracted the study, the Delaware-based Intercollegiate Studies Institute, said the results indicate that colleges aren't doing enough to teach their students about civics and the basic principles on which America was founded. The country faces a "crisis in citizenship" unless colleges rededicate themselves to instruction in the core principles, the group said.

"We were flabbergasted" by the results, said Josiah Bunting, who chairs the institute's National Civic Literacy Board. The study looked at campuses along the entire spectrum, he said, from the most elite such as Harvard and Princeton to liberal arts colleges and small religious schools.

"Almost all of these universities talk in their catalogs about a mission of educating people who will be citizens and citizen leaders," Bunting said. "That really was what prompted the study."

News flash - they teach political activism and leftwing political dementia, not history, politics or civics (just as they have done for decades). In a twist of delicious irony, Berkeley got an F (2nd to last place in the nation) in US History, politics and government education. Stanford followed closely behind. In other words, the "elite" public and Ivy League colleges in our country don't teach their students a damn thing about US history, government or politics - since being a good little leftist requires you to ignore and alter the past to fit your agenda.

Here's more of the hilariously ironic findings of the study:

-53 percent of seniors could not identify the correct century when the first American colony was established at Jamestown.

-More than 75 percent of seniors could not identify that the purpose of the Monroe Doctrine was to prevent foreign expansion into the Western Hemisphere.

-Only 45 percent of seniors identified the Baath party as the main source of Saddam Hussein's political support.

That is scary. I wonder where they're really getting their US History "education" from.

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