September 27, 2006

A Stopped Clock And All That



Scroll, scroll, scroll:

Bush administration officials say that Karzai and Musharraf, along with the influential and relatively moderate Iraqi Shiite cleric Ali al-Sistani, are the "indispensable men" of post-Sept. 11 foreign policy for their ability to hold Islamic extremism at bay.

Note the emphasis. Rare indeed are the times that the media places qualifiers in front of "moderate" when referring to Sistani. Maybe the reporter took the time to actually look at his website, and noticed his devotion to sharia?

I can't let this post go with noting, in the quoted paragraph, that if Bush administration officials believe this is the Holy Trinity to keeping Islamic extremism at bay, we are in deep, deep shiite.

Karzai? Yeah, there's hope there, but Musharraf and Sistani? Yeesh.

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