September 25, 2006

Unadulterated Bull

That’s what Michelle calls the WAPO’s lame attempt to defend the AP for hiring and keeping part time AP stringer and part time terrorist mouthpiece Bilal Hussein.

Bilal always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. He was little more than an ememy propagandist. But as we all know the MSM thinks propaganda is only called such when it’s our side doing it. The enemy’s propaganda is “journalism”.

Also a Jawa Reader points out some possible problems with one of Husseins photos he was awarded the Pulitzer prize for.


More images and the apprent modifications or problems below the fold. Originals are here. I've tried to leave the ones below the fold as large as possible. I can send the images via email by request.

1. "Army man seems to be sitting on air while he fires and he has no shadow; the others have shadows. The tripod of his gun is up in the air. How can you fire with your legs at right angles as if you were sitting in chair? Why is there a tripod for a man lying down when this man is sitting on the air? When you see how false Army Man is the others look different.

2. White Trousers has his hands as if he were holding a gun though
supposedly he is feeding a ammo belt or - what is he doing? playing a
guitar in a rock band?

His left hand only has three fingers of flesh, the fourth is made of
jacket material, his index finger is way too short, especially in
relation to his other fingers which seem unusually long from the first
to the second joint.

He has a band through his hair of the same material as his jacket
which suggests that he is not wearing a mask but his features were
photoshopped out out by Bilal. This means Bilal knew who he was.
The shadow by his left foot seems wrong; the light would be coming
from his far right but the rest of the shadow suggests the light is
coming from in front slightly to the right.

3. Mortarman has a shadow under his bent left leg as if the light came
from high above and another shadow behind his right foot as if the
light came from in front of the foot and went straight back

4. Gunfeeder's features also seem photoshopped out, not a mask but it
is hard to tell

The thing I notice the most is that generally, hands in Bilal's
pictures are very strange - "Doctored Strange Hands" - which suggests
that he was seriously reworking pictures. And he and he alone has
very longwaisted people in his pictures. Maybe its all one person or
maybe his reworking leads to longwaisted people as well as to "strange



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