September 21, 2006

Fauxtography at the UN: Lebanese President Holds up Staged Photo as Proof of Israeli Crimes

Emile_Lahoud_staged_photos_un.jpgUn-freaking-believable. Lebanese President Emile Lahoud holds up a photo taken of the Qana incident as proof (his words) that Israel targetted civilians. The photo is of Hezbollah operative Salam Daher (aka, "Green Helmet Guy") posing as a relief worker and staging the bodies of dead children.

Charles notes that the photo is like one of the many taken by Adnan Hajj of Green Helmet guy at Qana, but there were also dozens of other photogs at the staged media event. Can you imagine if it turns out that this particular photo is actually one of Hajj's?

Charles Johnson has video of Salam Daher (aka, "Green Helmet Guy") directing the scene at Qana to make sure the press took the pictures Hezbollahh wanted them to take.

Allah reminds us that Lahoud is a Syrian puppet whose term expired in 2004 but who was given an extra three years by the Lebanese parliament after Damascus applied “pressure.” Oh, and he's got photographic evidence of a bad gay thing going with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Meanwhile Snapped Shot (hat tip: Llarwynn) has the full transcript of Emile Lahoud's speech. Here are a few of the money quotes (emphasis mine):

From July 12 through August 14, my country was subjected to 'a barbarous aggression and to a rarely seen campaign of savage dismemberment, when hundreds of fighter jets emptied their loads of heavy and banned bombs, targeting mostly civilians, killing and maiming thousands, and destroying all that made Lebanon a viable state. Obviously, this was a premeditated Israeli "sentence" to destroy my country and everything it stood for,
Notice that he accuses Israel of targetting civilians? Not of accidentally hitting civilians, but targetting them.

The evidence? Staged photos from a Hezbollah propagandist.

Here is a bigger photo

I can't be certain the photo is one that Adnan Hajj personally took, or one of the many other photogs there. Literally dozens of similar ones are out there.

If someone finds this particular photo online, please let me know. The fact that I can't find it suggests it might be one of Hajj's.

UPDATE: Green Helmet Guy video bonus! I'll never get tired of All Your Fakes Are Belong to Us.

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