September 20, 2006

When Ethics Trump Patriotism and Morality: Ethicsgate

Journalistic ethics be damned if those ethics include balancing coverage by hiring stringers with known ties to people killing American soldiers. If it is ethical to hire an enemy propagandist, then I'm just not sure what ethics really mean.

Call it ethics if you want. I call it treason.

Don't you just love it when the ethical thing to do gets people killed?


Michelle Malkin's latest column on the Bilal Hussein mess:

Let me repeat that: An Associated (with terrorists) Press journalist gets caught with an alleged al Qaeda leader and tests positive for bomb-making materials. That. Is. News. How does a news organization explain away its decision to sit on it for five months? Like this: "The AP has worked quietly until now, believing that would be the best approach."

The best approach to journalism? No. The best approach to suppressing a damning connection to terrorists.

The mainstream media enjoys mocking bloggers as journalistic wannabes who don't do any "real" reporting and have no concern for the "public interest." But as in the case of the Reuters photo-faking debacle this summer, it is bloggers in their little home offices -- not the professionals on the ground thousands of miles away -- who smoked out a war story with profound national security implications. Well before I reported on Hussein's capture, military bloggers and media watchdog bloggers had raised persistent questions over the past two years about Hussein's relationship with terrorists in Iraq and whether his photos were staged in collusion with our enemies. (For a thorough overview, see

The link above, so graciously provided by Michelle Malkin in her column, will take you to our Bilal Hussein archives which has everything you wanted to know about the enemy working for the AP, including his inciteful analysis of how the good guy's in Fallujah we're Abu Musab al Zarqawi's al Qaeda freedom fighters and how great it was to live under the Fallujah Shura Council's rule---a rule that included murdering people for looking too Western.


Michelle also has inciteful analysis on her blog today.

Oh, and way to go NY Times. Ethics above love of country and the safety of our soldiers, as I always say.

Also, don't miss out on another find about Bilal Hussein from Dan Riehl. Ethics.

More on ethicsgate from the guys at Powerline:

Nowhere in the AP's response is there any recognition of, let alone response to, the fundamental criticism that we and others have leveled: news organizations like the AP should not pay photographers to consort with terrorists and take photos that the terrorists evidently believe will advance their interests. The AP apparently considers this practice to embody an appropriate neutrality between the terrorists on one side, and their victims and American soldiers on the other. And they don't seem to understand why that view is controversial.
Ethics ethics ethics!

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