September 20, 2006

British Muslim: "How dare (the police) come to a Muslim area"

izzadeen-reid.jpgAbu Izadeen and other minions of Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed interrupt a press conference by the Home Secretary about terrorism shouting "how dare you come to a Muslim area".

How dare you come to a Muslim area!

How dare you come to a Muslim area!

Just follow Allah's links here to see the video.

If that isn't a rejection of British legal sovereignty and an out and out declaration of open rebellion, I don't know what is. The Home Secretary says Izadeen does not believe that "Muslim areas" are part of Britain. He's right, he doesn't.

Sky News--the British Fox--tries to be fair and balanced. So, who do they interview to get a response to Izzadeen's outcries during their prime time news (not shown in video linked above)? Anjem Choudary, the head of the The Society of Muslim Lawyers and the man who was recently seen in front of Westminister Cathederal calling for the death penalty for the Pope. He says Britain is to be blamed for terrorism, not Muslims.

Both Choudary and Abu Izadeen are followers of exiled cleric Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed.

Bryan seems the Home Secretary's restraint is admirable. Not me. Where's a taser when you really need one?

Hat tip: Glen Jenvey.

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