September 18, 2006

AP Reporter in Iraq has Ties to Terrorists

AP reporter Bilal Hussein a security threat with ties to insurgents? Nah, can't be! He's a reporter.

Can I just take a moment and gloat? I've been calling Bilal Hussein a security threat for nearly 2 years now! I think my first thoughts on him went something like, why haven't we killed that guy yet?

An enemy propagandist is an enemy with a weapon.

Anyway, Michelle sends along word that the Pentagon has spoken about Bilal Hussein and has updated and bumped her post. I'm so happy, I thought I'd give this its own post. Al Reuters:

The Pentagon said on Monday that an Iraqi photographer working for The Associated Press and held by the U.S. military since April was considered a security threat with "strong ties to known insurgents."...

"All indications that I have received are that Hussein's detainment indicates that he has strong ties to known insurgents, and that he was doing things, involved in activities that were well outside the scope of what you would expect a journalist to be doing in that country," he said.

In three separate "independent objective reviews," Whitman told reporters, "it was determined that Hussein was a security threat and recommended his continued detention."

And by insurgents let's be clear about something: we are talking about al Qaeda.

When the story of the Iraq war is finally written we will learn that many lives would have been spared had we simply not allowed a free press. You cannot have a free press in a war zone.

UPDATE: Did AP reporter Bilal Hussein video the murder of Italian hostage Salvatore Santoro? Our original post about the civilian Italian hostage Salvatore Santoro murdered is here.

Dan Riehl has the video of Santoro's murder here.

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