September 14, 2006

Dog the Bounty Hunter Arrested

If you have watched the show "Dog the Bounty Hunter", you know that Duane Chapman is a hard edged bounty hunter with a heart of gold. He is gruff and action oriented, but demonstrates a Christian love towards those he captures. He understands that people make mistakes and have to face the consequences of their actions. He is one of the good guys.

A few years ago, he captured a rich American serial rapist that hid away in Mexico. That is a good thing. However, bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico (watch out Yule Brenner). So, The Dog ended up in jail for his effort to bring an American a-hole to justice. He posted bail and promptly came home.

Now the Mexican authorities want him back to face charges for his illegal actions. WTF? He did nothing to their citizens and had no intention of ever going back. Ever. But a US Federal judge signed the warrant for his arrest and they are in the process of beginning the extradition process to send him to Mexico.

Again. WTF?

How about a federal judge spend time working on extraditing illegal aliens from the US back to Mexico. The US judge argues that he is just enforcing treay obligations. So, we have a treaty that sends American good guys who capture American bad guys to face prison time in Mexican prisons, but no agreement for Mexico to help gather their wayward citizens illegally in this country.

I could go on and on, but, come on, WTF?!?

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